Grid reference : 6464414.4   375239.7

Geographic coordinates: 58°18′9.27″   21°52′18.24″


If you start driving from Kuivastu and moving towards Saaremaa's capital Kuressaare

you should reach first roundabout  and take first exit there - Ringtee street



After about 1.4 km  there will be one more roundabout - drive straight there and then you reach second roundabout ,

take second exit there - sign shows "Kihelkonna"



Drive about 12.5 km and then you should see sign that shows "Karala 24"



Make a left turn there and drive until you reach Karala village - main road will continue towards Kihelkonna,

but you drive straight into village - you should see 30 km/h limit sign.



 Then you should dirve the curvy road trough village for about 500m and then when asfalt 

road ends, turn right between stone fences. Continue on this round about 3.7 km and the you should reach 

the crossroad, where main road continues to left but you have to turn to right - between pines and junipers.




And now you shold drive for abaout 500m, passing our neighbor and you have reached Ninavärava!




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